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Artist sort question
Dean Roddey Wrote:Generally you don't want to just do a fixed OnLoad command to sort by artist. You will probaby want to put buttons on the media browsing overlay that send sort order commands so that the user can select by artist or by title sorting.

There isn't a By Artist category anymore. You just use the sort order commands, which will allow you to sort any category you are currently viewing.

If all of the artists for a given CD aren't the same, it defaults to Various Artists as the artist name at the collection level. Each item has it's own item specific artist name.

I'm sure I'll get to the list / artist buttons option when I do my final templates. My preference is to have them listed by artist to start, but the user should have the option.

On the various artists thing - I just need to figure out some of the glitches. It had one album listed as various when it wasn't, it wasn't pulling in the coverart on some others for some reason, and I have it displaying artist names with the coverart when it should be displaying the album title.
Quote:and I have it displaying artist names with the coverart when it should be displaying the album title.

Because you have it sorted by artist. When you sort by artist, it shows the artist name.

Quote:It had one album listed as various when it wasn't

If you check, probaby one of the per-item artist names was spelled differently than the others or something.

Quote:wasn't pulling in the coverart on some others for some reason

Sometimes it's just not available or the web site's that they are gotten from don't return anything for them, or if you are using your network connection heavily, it times out before it can get a response.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
"i'm not totally sure what you mean there. All collections with the collection level name Various Artists will sort to the same place, under the V's."

This is what I am trying to avoid, a load of albums with no info about artist.
Jriver allows you to also assign a Album Artist, so you can choose something that makes more sense.

It would be cool if you could set CQC to look at this field and use it to display instead.
I don't see an 'album artist' field in my exported JR XML. Is this something that's been added lately or something? Mine purely exports per-track info with nothing specific to a higher level construct.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
In the relavent albums, I have this in the xml:

<Field Name="Album Artist">Acid Flash</Field>
OK, I'll see about adding that.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
Thank you so much Dean Smile

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