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Version 1.1.2 is now posted
Version 1.1.2 has been posted to the web site. This is a minor release, but it provides some fairly important bug fixes, some small but useful improvements, and a few important new device drivers. So it is a recommended upgrade for all CQC users.

These are the most important items in this release:

  • Denon 3803 Driver This release introduces a new driver for the Denon 3803 A/V receiver. This is a widely used device, so we are very happy to get it into this release.
  • NAD T762 Driver Thanks to Andy Swingler who contributed this driver for one of NAD's top end A/V receivers. This is a quite full featured driver, so NAD users should get good results.
  • CenterStage CS-2 This release also introduces a new driver for the Focus Enhancements Centerstage CS-2 video scaler.
  • Interface Engine Improvements Some small but useful additions were made to the user interface system, in the area of displaying numeric field values and to the Check Box widget.
  • MC-12 Driver Fixes Eric Bariaux has provided some fixes for his Lexicon MC-12 driver.
  • CML Improvements The CML language was expanded a bit, with some new runtime methods and the ability to do dynamic type references, which will provide some very useful abilities in the near future.

There are no license issues if upgrading from 1.1 or 1.1.1, just install over your existing system. If upgrading from 1.0, CQC will revert to trial mode with a 5 day period. Just send us your installation key and we'll send you a new license.

As always, read the release notes, which are in the main directory of the installer directory when you unzip the installation zip file!
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum

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