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Getting started with Media
I'm a relatively new user to CQC, and am finally getting around to try and harness my media.  

I have consolidated my movie collection onto a Synology NAS (with Video Station), and use SageTV extenders for broadcast TV.  It gets difficult to browse the movie collection using SageTV.  However, once a movie is playing, the Sage interface works well for my wife. 

My plan is to keep the SageTV server on it's own machine, the CQC Server on it's own machine....and serve the video across the network.  I do plan to expand to music in the next iteration, but for now...I'm focused on movies.  I am fine with SageTV maintaining its recorded shows separately & not integrated into this solution.

A couple of questions/Notes:

1. I'm not averse to using another interface to play movies, but not all of my TVs are "smart"
2. I'd like to hear if there are "scaling" problems with the size of libraries & how others have dealt with it
3. I don't mind doing bulk updates of metadata....automatic would be nice, but not required

I know there's a lot of information in the documentation, but I thought I'd ask vs just trying each option.

Not a lot of traffic on here, but I know that users in the past have used both Sage and Plex here. I use a Roku box, but have used it very seldom for ripped movies anymore. I tend to stream everything from there.

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