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Stew_ia renewed interest in CQC.
Well, quite a bit has happened in the CQC world since I last revisited.  Life happens.  
  • I got stuck on Windows XP since I couldn't get the PlayWav triggered event to work on Windows 7.  My 18 year old Windows XP machine was still kicking but my Tech team was giving me grief for still running it.  The great news is PlayWav works now in Windows 10.  A talking house didn't do it for the WAF.  Playing a quick wav did. Score 1, that works great on Windows 10.   
  • I was surprised to see Dean go open source on the product.  I know he poured heart and soul into it but their will be life after for him.  The market is hot for people that actually get it.  I wish him all of the luck on next endeavors.  I'm on startup 20+ and probably my last one for my career.  You just need to get knocked to the ground, get up the next morning and brush off the dust.  There is a win-win in there somewhere. 
  • All of my original 2.2.4 stuff has been moved over to 6.0.2, limited as might have been.  A couple of bumps but all seems to be working.  
  • I'm taking a shot at Echo native next.  I have a Nuvo GC and Elk installed, 14 Zones of audio with Keypads.  I'm feeling like the family is getting used to giving Alexa commands and most of the house has Amazon something or other installed.  We'll see.  The WAF factor with a dozen different remotes will be the challenge, streaming is interesting but not if you have to haul around 6 remotes.  If that all pans out, I'll be ripping Nuvo keypads out of the walls and getting out the sheetrock patch and paint. 
Cheers to all.  Looking forward to next steps.  

PS: Dean, I'm a 30+ year unix/linux guy and happy to help with open source if possible.  I'm also doing my last startup so time is still a little limited..  
The Echo Native is the way to go - there is a lot to setup but I haven't touched it since. I put some templates out here under NishanF's thread a couple of years back. I use it all the time. I have B&K keypads in 10 locations, and I have programmed them to do a lot of the normal music things - startup Sonos and play a playlist, station, etc., volume up and down in different zones, so that might be something to consider for the keypads (I think IVB did that with Nuvo) if you haven't already done it. Essentially, a keypad press sends an IR signal to a UIRT, which then is programed to perform a CQC action based on the keypad press.
I use IFFFT to trigger many of my Echo voice actuated stuff via a Maker channel that sends a URL to a HTTP trigger in CQC. Works like a champ.

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