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Curious About Usage Post Public Domain
(08-29-2021, 10:30 PM)kblagron Wrote: I am curious what the usage is on CQC is now.  The forum here has all but died of activity.  I can say that I use CQC every day, and I guess because of Dean's great work, I have very few problems anymore.  I am probably 99% done with what I want to do - of course you can always think of a thing or two you could change or fix.

I would say 80% of my activity is through the native Alexa interface NishanF posted, and the other 20% is through either two touchscreens or WebRiva interface.  My guess is that I access it via Alexa commands about 8 times a day, and through the touch screen 1-2 times a day.  I also have a good number of triggered and scheduled events as well.

If you're still active, I would be interested in your usage.  I would really hate to see CQC go away, but without any forum posts, I do worry about its future.

I use heavily, mostly automation, but also my pc-touch screens 10x/day or more. I am not on the latest version. I hate fixing what isn't broken. My system is heavily integrated with Lutron (respond to button presses around the house, not to control lights from a screen). Also heavily integrated with HAI (hot water recirculation pumps, motorized windows, door locks and door open status, skylights, flood sensors and automated water shutoffs). Also heavily integrated with Tekmar (thermostat system). Security cameras display on main screen. Also integrated with Pentair (I have defined some functions that you can't do on the intellitouch directly).

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