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setting up CQC
05/09 14:33:35-Officecomputer, CQCAdmin, MainThread
    CIDOrbUC, CIDOrbUC_ThisFacility.cpp.742, Failed/Not Found, Error: 6003/0/0
    Could not contact the CIDLib Name Server (at CQCserver:13502)
    The server at {{DA7622D8FE9D1744-8BBD12DB0DD8ABF3}C7D1445942EA2EAA-0EE3FF7875548D09,TCIDNameSrvClientProxy,CQCserver.13502} was not available
      <CQCAdmin> CQCAdmin_ThisFacility.cpp - 284
cant find the master server, not sure why its up and running

}Any help would be geat

Thanks Tom
What are you trying to do? Initial install? Upgrade?

More detail would be helpful.
master is setup running 6.0.1 trying to run on a second machine also keeps asking CQC logonand pass word
And presumably you have no issues running the admin interface on the MS or anything? And CQCServer is the name of the machine where the MS is installed?
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
yes  iam pretty sure its a network  problem
It's possible it got blocked by anti-virus stuff. But that's not likely if you can run the client apps on the MS itself.

The other option is that the host name resolves to a different IP on the MS vs the client. Or, sometimes the client doesn't have IPV6 enabled but CQC gets an IPV6 address for the MS when it converts the name.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
Yeah, I would bet that Dean is right. So many times I saw name resolution causing problems. For years I just use IP addresses for my MS on install and everything just works. I'd reinstall using the IP address and see how that works for you. No IPv6, no resolution problems, just simple and easy. No change in functionality for the users via the interface either.

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