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ISY and scenes
Insteon devices are nodes. Z-Wave devices are nodes. Scenes (groups) are nodes.

Documentation is here, though it may be out of date:

ISY Developers:API:REST Interface - Universal Devices, Inc. Wiki (

I can send you my configuration in the next few days if that would be helpful. I, too, would like to get full support for Z-Wave, scenes, and programs. I haven't been trying to get everything to work because I use CQC to do a small number of complicated things, and don't rely on it to show me the status of everything, or control everything. But I do have a lot of time on my hands right now to test ISY support, within the limits of the hardware I have.

Here is my nodes file from ISY that is from a 4.7.3 firmware of the ISY-994I with Zwave.

On Wuench's driver, all of the nodes (including Zwave) and scenes show up.

On the shipped V2 driver, all insteon nodes show up, but not the Zwave nodes.  They are listed in the attached file.  Also, the scenes show up in mine, but apparently not in George_M's later firmware version.

Attached Files
.txt   ISY Nodes.txt (Size: 30.85 KB / Downloads: 2)
Here are the ones from my system.
I found out that even though the zwave switches are seen in Wuenches driver, they do not work. The scenes do except for any zwave switches in them.
In the V2 driver the zwave switches do work. Scenes do not show up.

So currently I'm using the V2 driver and working around not having scenes.

Attached Files
.txt   Nodes from Wuench driver isy 5.3.3.txt (Size: 9.83 KB / Downloads: 1)
.txt   Nodes from V2 driver isy 5.3.3.txt (Size: 9.83 KB / Downloads: 1)
George M
Which one of those is the scene controller?
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
The way Insteon works, every scene (group) can have 0 to many controllers. Every device is capable of being a controller, and is a controller for at least one device - the PLM, so the ISY can be aware of state changes.

Each device can only control one scene, though. Some devices, like remotes, are purely scene controllers. Others, like the KPL, are usually used that way, but needn't be.

It looks like link type="16" means it is a controller (and responder), whereas type="0" means it a responder. At least on 5.0.16B.

Sorry if that was confusing. Devices can only control one real scene. The PLM doesn't count.

Or maybe the PLM is in every scene, but scenes with no other responders aren't listed. Or maybe the PLM just monitors all of the Insteon traffic. Not sure.

(04-16-2021, 06:08 AM)Dean Roddey Wrote: Which one of those is the scene controller?
This is one of my scenes: It's called "Goodnite". Don't know why it has a nodeDefID of InsteonDimmer

<group flag="132" nodeDefId="InsteonDimmer">
<link type="0">49 A4 B1 1</link>
<link type="0">9 23 6E 1</link>
<link type="0">9 4 32 1</link>
<link type="0">49 A8 4E 1</link>
<link type="0">9 7 DF 1</link>
<link type="0">9 7 E0 1</link>

George M

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