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6.0.0 Autogen issue
Interesting issue on 6.0.0 -- I went to autogen hoping to get a starting point for a thermostat. Apparently I had last used autogen years ago to get a start on a weather page. So my single room had an entry on the weather tab for a driver with a 'Weather2' moniker. I removed that and added my thermostat to the appropriate section. I can't autogenerate nor can I do a save. When I try I get "The Weather driver 'Weather2' is referenced but not currently loaded"

[Edit] Quick fix - I loaded the weather simulator driver using the Weather2 moniker. Now the save & autogen worked. I then removed the weather references from the autogen, removed the driver, and all was well...
Mark Stega
So there was no Weather2 in the Global section but it was still referenced in the room?
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
Yes - Still referenced...
Mark Stega

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