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Replacement for HAI access control reader?
I have the HAI (now Leviton) 75A00-1 access-control reader. I have several. One died. Leviton has discontinued the product (and its successor, 75A00-2) along with the Omni. 

It is a relatively standard 125 kHz, 26-bit reader. No doubt they sourced from some maker like HID (but I don't know what company).

The HID miniprox (5365) looks similar with regards to those specs. However, communication is handled over RS-485, and messages (unlock the door, a valid read has been received, etc) are no doubt encoded in ascii and it is not at all clear if the communication protocols would be the same or different.

Does anyone know if the HID miniprox (or any card reader from any manufacturer) would be a direct plug-and-play replacement for the HAI reader?

Many thanks!

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