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920 Beta Bug - Lutron Thermostat

Can you please check out the Lutron driver as this bug with the thermo has persisted since well before 914. Specifically with the temperature of the Lutron thermostat.

As you can see from the driver, I have the low point set to 77.

[Image: Capture.png]

You can see this same set point from one of my templates

[Image: IMG-3535.png]

On the thermostat, there is no change in the set point.

[Image: IMG-3536.jpg]

The other issue is the FanMode which displays as ????

[Image: Capture.png]
Here is an error in the logs when I try to change the value of the set point from my template:

PHP Code:
02/04 09:00:27-AUTOMATIONCQCServerCQCDrv_RadioRA2Thread13
    CQCGenDrvSMEng.System.CQC.Drivers.Lutron.RadioRA2.DriverImpl.2394Status/App Status
    Msg rejected
Text=#HVAC, 6, 2, 75, 78

I am just starting to read the RA2 driver code but that looks like a valid set message. It is an HVAC command to integrationID 6 (6 is your thermo, right?) with a heat value of 75 & a cool value of 78. I sent a driver with a bit more logging.
Mark Stega
Thanks Mark. Correct, 6 is my thermostat.
In the end it was determined that the driver was not at fault. Resetting the thermostat to factory defaults and then removing it from RadioRa2 Essentials & adding it back in solved the issue.

If it reoccurs then we want to do those reset steps one at a time to determine if the issue is with the thermostat or the repeater.
Mark Stega
Thanks Mark.

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