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Lutron Caseta Add Fan and Shade Controllers
Dean, the current Lutron Caseta driver and probably the current RadioRA2 driver support just about everything (Button, Contact, Dimmer, LED, Occupancy Sensor, Switch and Thermostat) except Fan and Shade types. Could you add those two new device types? We're a month or so from finishing a new house and I will be using the Lutron Caseta system to control the lighting, fans and shades. It would be great if I could have these two new types added, so my templates could distinguish between the three types. They both are controllable by the current driver if you set them up as dimmers. So from a control standpoint, there should not be any problems. Thanks.
That'll have to wait until the open source conversion is finished. Then I can look at it.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum

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