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Trying to figure out if, when using System Pause, if this in fact pauses your entire system during the pause period or, if it just pauses the action in which it was called.

I have many Global Actions, including my remote control stuff. In one of my global actions, I was testing on screen display changes. I added a pause of a few seconds to one of them but during this time, none of the other global actions (ie, remote control Cursor Up for example) would not do anything. after the pause period, the global action I executed during the pause period (remote control Cursor Up) executed.

Same questions for the System WaitTimer.

Example 1
Call global action
System PAUSE (are all other global actions paused during this time?)
Call another global action

Example 2
Call global action
System WAIT (are all other global actions paused during this time?)
Call another global action
It only pauses the action that calls it. As a rule it's something avoid unless you really need it.

The timers are useful because you can do other things, then call WaitTimer(). If the time period is already expired, it'll return immediately, else it'll wait for whatever time remains. So you can start a timer, do other things potentially, then wait, then do whatever it is that required that you wait for a while. Again, this is only the action that calls it.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum

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