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Help with email alerts

I am attempting to set up email and text actions through CQC for the first time.  I have email and text alerts working through my ISY, but using the same credentials, I'm unable to get them to work in CQC.

Let's start with this: how can I access the conversation between CQC and my email server (  Is there a log trail that exists by default, or that I can enable, that can help me diagnose the problem?

I should add that at the moment, I'm just trying to send an email (and a text, via email) as an action in a triggered event.  The trigger is working, and the other actions (light on, speech) are working, but I'm not getting the email and text.

Also, have tried both SMTP and SMTP (Secure).

Never mind.  Got it to work with Gmail following the instructions in other threads, then also got it to work with Comcast, which is good enough for now.

Also finally got it to work with  The port of 587 for TLS was the key.  I didn't think supported TLS, but apparently it does.

Definitely used encrypted if you can. At least it covers you to your ISP, though who knows who might look at it after that.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum

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