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5.4 Display resolution
I just upgraded to 5.4.

My templates were designed (circa 2011) for 1024x768

I run the templates on different computers with higher resolution than that. They have Windows display options set for 150% scale and 200% scale, respectively. So, for prior CQC versions, it seemed that the Windows Display Options/ Scaling scaled up my 1024/768 templates nicely. Now, with 5.4, the templates show up pixel for pixel (1024x768) and the Windows Display Options/Scaling property no longer scales them up. That means they take up only a small portion of the screen and are hard to read.

I'm sure this is an improved feature of some sort behind the scenes. But not sure where in the docs this would show up. Can you provide a pointer to the relevant documentation(s) I need to look at?

The thing that is causing that most likely is that support for his res screens was added. That may in some way affect how the scaling options apply, I'm not sure. Originally, Windows was just like 96dpi and that was it. When higher DPI screens arrived, they couldn't just start reporting a different DPI because all existing apps assumed 96. So unless you asked to have high DPI support, it just lies and says the monitor is 96dpi. Now we'd be seeing the actual DPI.

I'm not sure if that prevents the windows scaling stuff from working or not. Maybe it does. Of course one thing you could do is just pre-scale them. Support for that is there. But, the gotcha is that you have to use all relative paths any time you link to another template because you are going to scale them to a new scope. If you have fully qualified paths, then you'll still load the original ones, not the scaled ones.

There are other benefits to that as well, in that you can just copy and paste your top level directory somewhere else and work on the templates while leaving the originals alone. Then replace the originals when you are done.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
Thanks. I spent about 5 minutes clicking around the help/docs/reference. Where do I find something that describes how interface sizing works and this pre-scaling stuff? Thanks.
(07-27-2020, 05:16 AM)gReatAutomation Wrote: /Tools/AdminIntf/FileMenu/TmplScaling.html

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