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Migrating to New Server
Finally migrating everything to a single workhorse server from three machines that I have, one of which is running CQC. Am I correct in assuming that to migrate my existing install I would:

1. Stop CQC on machine OLD

2. Install same CQC version on machine NEW

3. Copy everything fromĀ \SaveInst on machine OLD to the CQC directory on machine NEW

4. For good measure, run the installer again
Other way around, copy everything over, then run the installer, and point it at the old version when it asks if this is a new install or an updgrade. Make sure to uninstall on the old machine afterwards or make sure the service is stopped so you don't end up with two master servers. Rerun the installer on any clients to update them to point to the new master.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum

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