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SendWOL from Macro
I've done some searching but haven't had much luck yet (and the searches seem really slow right now).  As such, I apologize if this has already been answered somewhere.

I need to be able to do WOL.  I created a global action and tested successfully using System::SendWOL.  The place I really need this though is in a macro.  So I'm wondering: is there a way to call System commands from a macro?  If not, is there a way to trigger global actions from a macro?

-- Dave
You should be able to do this yourself in a CML Macro using the following guidelines:

Quote:The magic packet is a broadcast frame containing anywhere within its payload 6 bytes of all 255 (FF FF FF FF FF FF in hexadecimal), followed by sixteen repetitions of the target computer's 48-bit MAC address, for a total of 102 bytes.
Thanks for the reply. :-) That's good to know, but I'm still curious to know the answer to my questions as it would likely be useful for other things as well. Hopefully Dean might have some info there.
The DGramSocket class has a method for sending WOL.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
(04-25-2020, 08:10 AM)Dean Roddey Wrote: The DGramSocket class has a method for sending WOL.

Excellent!  Thanks Dean.  Smile

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