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Lutron Caseta Occupancy Sensor
I did not know I could do that. OK, I got an output command:


With the Caseta motion sensor their instructions say you have to have a light setup with the motion sensor. So output 3 is the dimmer switch that is associated with the motion sensor. It looks like nothing was send from the Caseta Bridge when the motion was detected other than the output command but the dimmer light did turn on and after the 15 minute timeout the light goes off. The timeout can be changed to either 5, 10 or 15 minutes. There is also a setting for "Auto-On" either enabled or disabled. Right now all those settings are in factory default. Meaning I did not change anything.

Don't know if any of this helps. I'll read up on this and see if the "Auto On" changes the behavior or not.
It has to send a message from the motion sensor or nothing will work. Are you sure it actually sends something to the bridge? It may only be used to control over things. That would be stupid, but it wouldn't be the first time that's happened.

If I had to guess, it would be what they really mean is it has to be set up to send a message to something. Maybe it doesn't have to be a light, that's just normally what it would be. Try pointing at the bridge maybe and see if something shows up.

That's how Z-Wave works. The association scheme is really intended to let things control other things. But you can point them at the Z-Wave controller and it doesn't know the difference. So the controller sees the message and passes it along to the driver. This may be like that perhaps.

Or there may be some configuration you need to have it send out something maybe.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
Dean, no can do. I use the Lutron Caseta app on my iPad to configure all the devices and it only shows the three lighting loads that are in the same room that the motion sensor is in. So I don't have any way to attach it to the bridge. At least I don't know how to.

Obviously the motion sensor is sending something to the bridge or the assigned light would not turn on. Also, in the app the motion sensor icon turns blue when it is triggered and back to white when it times out. I guess the bridge is receiving something from the sensor but doesn't send anything out other than the output command. 

I've done a little research on the Lutron and Caseta Integration Protocol documents. It appears like the one for RadioRA2, Homeworks and Grafik eye is available online but the integration protocol document for the Caseta system is only available to "Partners". Are you a Lutron Caseta partner? Do you have the Caseta protocol doc? This motion sensor is brand new. It was just introduced at the beginning of 2020. So you would need the latest version of the protocol doc. 

Here's all the technical documents that I have:

These don't have anything on the integration protocol but they talk about the options I have for setup.
I'm not a Partner and not likely important enough to them to become one. And the thing is, if it doesn't get spit out the to the port, then it doesn't matter anyway. If it does get spit out, we can see what it is and react to it whether we are blessed or not. So the issue would be why isn't it spitting anything out.

One option is that they just don't provide this for Caseta in order to differentiate their higher end products. I.e. they don't pass it out to the automation system, it can only be used internally. Some stuff I read seems to indicate this is the case for the Select type bridge so it may be the same for Caseta.

Quote:An update on this approach. Some bad news
The RRA2 Select and occupancy sensor do not have the monitoring events enabled.
After some back and forth, Lutron confirmed that they do not, and do not plan on adding that feature.
Which means that the RRA2 Select bridge can't be used for this proxy idea.

That being said, I just don't want to drop 5 or 6k on new gear to get the benefit of a occupancy sensor.
I found a fairly cheap used RadioRa2 repeater, and added 2 occupancy sensor.
These do emit the monitoring events I expect.
Which means creating a simply proxy to push these events down to a Caseta pro bridge is pretty simply.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
Well, I guess we're hosed then.

Thanks for looking into.

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