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CQC WebRIVA and BlueIris in a secure environment

Is there any one out there using WebRIVA and BlueIris in a secure environment? I would like to view the live video from a BlueIris camera in a template offered up by WebRIVA. 

Who will be accessing this, just you? Consider setting up a VPN for your smart device(s) to access your home network and access WebRIVA and BlueIris as if you were physically at home. This would be one of the most secure approaches. I set up a Raspberry PI VPN server a number of years ago, been rock solid. I posted a how to on the form though it's probably a bit dated at this point.
Thanks but I need my CQC machine to be on a secure network because of some SIP software that I'm accessing from WebRIVA. I had a Linux machine running MOTION that worked great until I moved the CQC machine to the secure network. MOTION can not stream the video out to a secure webpage. So I'm looking for a MOTION type product, something like BlueIris, that can run in a secure environment and can stream out to a secure page.

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