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Tesla Driver Driver
Very cool.
Extended the timeout to prevent driver reconnections.
//Just had to change the DoGET timeout a little longer.. from 4 seconds to 8 seconds. (8000 miliseconds)
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Thanks for the effort.
If the timeouts are that long, it might be worth thinking about using the async HTTP class so that the driver doesn't have to block for such long periods of time. It does make things a bit more complicated since you have to poll the async guy for the previous transaction to complete before starting another. And, if it supports outgoing writes, the write callback will have to block and wait before the outgoing can send. But it's not too difficult.

But that just makes it a lot quicker to shutdown. And, if the device can handle multiple operations, you could keep a couple going at a time, or one read and still allow the writes to occur.
Dean Roddey
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