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GPS Data from Traccar to MQTT
I feel I've had a mild success tonight.  I've been able to wire up my GPS vehicle tracking data (basic geofence for now) into CQC.


  • Hardware: Vehicle GPS units
  • Traccar running in an EC2 instance
  • Webhookrelay providing a webhook tunnel back to my system
  • Node-RED to process the incoming traccar data and feed it to mqtt
  • CQC MQTT driver
I now have Traccar Event data being passed to my internal system via a WebHookRelay setup and a Node-Red flow processing the data and sending it to my MQTT broker.  CQC MQTT driver is connected to my broker and BoolSwitch fields were created for each of the GPS trackers (vehicles).  Now when a vehicle crosses into the "Home" geofence the CQC field is True and when the vehicle exits it will change to False.  Now I can re-incorporate this data into my CQC events

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