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TTS and remote clients or speakers
(02-01-2020, 07:28 PM)batwater Wrote:
(02-01-2020, 07:20 PM)simplextech Wrote:
(02-01-2020, 07:18 PM)batwater Wrote:
(02-01-2020, 10:36 AM)simplextech Wrote:
(02-01-2020, 09:42 AM)batwater Wrote: Do you have any Sonos devices in the vicinity of a PC with a line in? If so you could set up TTS on said PC and output the audio to the Sonos. In the past I have used a bluetooth xmit / recv pair to send audio to a Sonos 5.  Not doing that now as I am using TTS via Google Home devices using Tasker, AutoRemote and AutoVoice on an old Android phone.

Wow... Tasker, AutoRemote, Autovoice to get a message to a Google Home?  Is this for inside the home from an event or for doing something from your phone remotely? 

I have a couple Google Mini's around but not in use.  In the past with HomeSeer I used them with a plugin for TTS and casting media to them.  I've thought about setting up Google Assistant Relay and see if I could integrate them with CQC if I couldn't get a working setup with Sonos.  

Here's the relay link if interested:

Yes, from within the home!  Actually I forgot EventGhost in the equation.  I have not re-architected for AutoRemote using MQTT as the messaging transport.  So what I have is:

CQC->EventGhost->AutoRemote->Tasker->Autovoice->Google Home   The google home does a bonk everytime AutoVoice takes it over but not bothersome.   If on Android alone (without CQC in the mix) the path is Tasker -> Autovoice -> Google home.  You can specify a specific speaker or a speaker grouping to send the TTS to.

That is quite the data path Smile

Indeed. I updated my post with more detail while you were posting your response. Quite a hack job to get from A to B and back

From the CQC -> GM I wonder how much benefit (if any) Assistant Relay would provide?  Going from CQC -> Relay -> GM (to me) seems less prone to possible breakage... but what do I know I just setup a Traccar -> WebHookRelay -> Node-Red -> MQTT -> CQC to get my GPS based Geofencing online Smile

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