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In designing my iPhone interface, I had some questions.

In this example my "Main" template is comprised of the following four overlays and what they load initially

1- Overlay_Header, initially loads Overlay_Header_Current
2- Overlay_Content, initially loads Overlay_Content_Current
3- Overlay_Mid_Footer, initially loads Overlay_Mid_Footer_Current
4- Overlay_Footer_Current, initially loads Overlay_Footer_Current

My assumption is that I can have a button in the Overlay_Header_Current template that will allow me to load something else in to the Overlay_Content area?

[Image: Capture.jpg]

I currently have a command button in the Overlay_Header_Current overlay. it's a button with no image and it surrounds the weather. When you click the button, I am trying to load the another overlay, Overlay_Weather_Current in to the Overlay_Content area.. Then when the Overlay_Weather_Current is loaded, it will also on load, update the Overlay_Header to a different overlay.

Having issues figuring out how to load amongst the overlays.

[Image: Screen-Shot-2020-01-27-at-13-47-52.jpg]
Never mind...


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