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I do this with my garage light as well. Hardwired door sensor via the DSC panel monitored by CQC, door opens triggers CQC to send an on message to the UPB switch I have installed for the garage light. UPB light is set to automatically turn off after 20 minutes. Have the garage light switch hardwired to on (for the garage door opener) Installed a single gang box with a UPB switch on the garage ceiling and ran wiring to the light. Space where the garage light switch was originally located now contains a UPB switch that controls the kitchen light and 4 other lights in the area (including the garage light to turn on/off manually) 

In addition to the DSC for the garage I have 3 other scenarios, basically I'm using whatever works best, is available and is highly reliable.
  1. I have a coat closet that has an X10 door sensor on it, open door, turns on foyer light (Z-Wave) so that one It's X10 -> X10 receiver -> CQC -> Z-Wave stick -> SmarthThings hub -> Z-Wave light switch, also near instantaneous.
  2. Laundry room pocket door, Z-Wave door switch -> SmartThings hub -> Z-Wave light switch
  3. His and Hers walk in closets, hard wired door sensor -> UPB I/O module -> UPB light switch, also nearly instantaneous. This started out as X10 door switches but due to some sort of RF interference in the vicinity the X10 door modules stopped working so switched over to UPB I/O module.

95 of my lighting control is UPB. I only have 3 Z-Wave light switches

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