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SMTP Password limitations?
In the process of updating the smtp server to sendgrid. The password is 69 characters long, and includes periods and dashes. I'm having issues getting CQC to send emails via port 587. Error that CQC shows is 'the provided authorization grant is invalid, expired or revoked'. i know that isn't the case because i can use the same password via powershell's send-mailmessage and it sends out fine. I'm thinking CQC may be truncating after a character count, or it isn't sending some not super special characters like the periods.

Anyone seen this before or have thoughts? Searching didn't pull up any related discussion
I'm not aware of any such limitations. It is ASCII, so if any characters aren't legal ASCII it might be an issue, but periods and dashes should be well within that realm. There aren't any length limitations I can see from looking at the code.

I guess one obvious thing to validate is if you can send secure e-mail to something else?
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum

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