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Best Display today?
(01-11-2020, 10:51 AM)kblagron Wrote: I have been using a Dell Venue Pro 11 with a docking station for 5+ years, and been happy with it.  I would love to have a Windows 10 option like a friend of mine has with an IPad that magnetically attaches to the wall and charges.  He can attach/unattach at any time.  The one wall unit I have which is a Xenarc 10" is hard wired to a HP Thin Client in the cabinet behind it.  It is showing its age, but still functional.
I do have an iPad I was using on another project that I might repurpose.  Android tablets would make for cheap display/control units.  I'll have to test a Android tablet and see.
I have used an iPad with a LaunchPort and dumped them for the Surface. IMHO, iPads were not meant to be used in this fashion (24/7 wall home automation control panels) due to poor battery/charging management vis-a-vis battery expansion and ruining the device display, especially given that Apple's business model revolves around baked in/engineered obsolescence. Add to this the constant nanny-state Apple update prompts which require you to block Apple software update domains via one of many methods. I do not need a baby sitter. The Apple update prompt over rides whatever app is running or is displayed which is just disgusting. I own the device and I will update it when I want.

Surface -- or other Windows type device -- because it/they uses Windows 10, has better management of charging, etc. Not to mention the fact that you get native CQC Interface Template Viewer support. You can also make use of the built in camera, microphone, speakers, screen saver settings, etc.
Do they make a Windows Tablet similar to the Apple LaunchPort that charges while attached?  Just seemed like a good idea, but maybe it isn't based on your comments.  I am good with my setup, but probably need a more responsive touchscreen tablet going forward.
There are several options for Surface.

You can the pair your wall mount of choice with a PoE injector:

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