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Ambient Weather
Probably not a driver but I didn't know where else would be best to post.

Goal:  Import Ambient Weather API data into CQC.

Easy Method:
HTTP Get of URL with app key and api key to retrieve a JSON blob of user listed PWS on the account along with data.  Poll this URL based on user defined parameter of 1 minute up to whatever the user wants

Hard Method:
Connect to the SocketIO (websocket) provided data for realtime feed updates.  Emmit data is JSON.

Help/Guidance wanted so I can write this.  I've done this for several systems and I can do this is C# or Python (have done it already so I could reuse).  The easiest way to do this would be for me to run a utility on a rPi and feed the data to MQTT and then use the CQC MQTT driver to access the data.  Easy, clean and I may just do that.  I want to use this as a learning experiment as I'm very familiar with the Ambient Weather API and the data it provides.

Should this be a CML Macro or some other way of doing this?  This is a learning exercise and I want to understand the best practice of how to integrate something that CAN be shared with others and to be somewhat simple to install and setup.
The optimum way would be a CML driver for something like that. All of the tools are there to do either of those schemes.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
In between getting my own system running I'll look through the CML docs and drivers and start hacking something together.

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