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Media Repository
(01-09-2020, 01:34 PM)Dean Roddey Wrote: DVD Profiler and MyMovies are mostly oriented towards ripped content actually. They can probably support changers but if that's all they did, they wouldn't still be here.

DVD Profiler has no import functionality of existing media.  You have to enter each movie by hand.  I just installed it and tried it.  I also checked for Plugins for it and there's none listed for import of ripped media.

MyMovies on the other hand does support import of ripped media and also has a lookup feature as it should for any missing meta data for the rip and allows you to search by name and info if it's not identified correctly.  MyMovies looks to be of use and has a lot of functionality.  It's also quite heavy using a MS SQL backend.  MyMovies seems quite a bit more advanced and I'm going to have to look into it more.

Looks like I'll need to use MyMovies for movies and JRiver for Music to have things clean.  A JRiver Driver for playing would be nice then.

The current issue I see is that most everyone today has Plex and there's a Plex Repository and a Plex Client.  BUT!!! it only supports Music??? And Plex's PRIMARY purpose is Movies.  WT?

So to have a integrated movie experience what Player is available?  There's Dune... ok that's one... boxee is gone... Zoom Player?  Rather primitive to just load a single player.

A full blown nicely integrated Plex repo and player seem ideal.  Next would be a full blown JRiver as half of it is already done.  Then include a JRiver Player driver so there would be control and status to the HTPC.  Alternatives would be Kodi?

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