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Media playing from Event
You are literally pasing the name of the variable. You want to get the value out of the variable which requires 'dereferencing' it, so %(GVar:Whatever) to get the value. If you just pass GVar:Whatever you are literally passing that as the value.

That's something the action trace is good for as well, since it shows you the commands expanded out. So you should see the actual values being sent.

You can right click on the action editor text window and it gives you the option the copy the text. When it pastes it, it's in a different format, which is sort of necessary because you can have commas in action parameter text, which would make it hard sometimes to tell which values go to what parameters. So it displays them in a broken out form.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
Ok that makes more sense now. Getting used to the system. right click huh... have to look into that.

I loaded up the other Sonos Zone player driver as well and a question on use for a simple playing of a favorite. Is there a good example of that? I've searched the forum and there's one thread that has the explanation of the ListQuery and use of FavsList but I'm not seeing info on putting it to use?

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