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Weather Drivers
(01-05-2020, 10:29 AM)gReatAutomation Wrote: I never had any luck running CQC in a VM and getting ZWave to work properly. Everything else worked but at the time I needed ZWave to work so I moved CQC to a dedicated Intel NUC.

I really should have known better trying with Z-Wave on a VM is always a disaster.  I know of some who have had "some" degree of success with VMWare but it's rare.  

I moved everything to a Minix Neo 42c I had that I used to run HomeSeer on so this should be plenty for CQC.  Z-Wave is working now with the exception of most of my devices don't have definitions.  Which is to be expected I think as CQC is not primarily a Z-Wave system but I do have a few Z-Wave devices that are necessary as there's no replacements except Wifi which don't integrate currently at all.  

I still have no luck with Weather Underground but I'll try again as it's not top on my to test list.

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