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Client side error dialog popping up

I launched CQC Administrative Interface on my laptop for the first time in a while.  IIRC, it's running everything except the Master Server.  I use it to administer my headless Mac Mini server.

I got the attached dialog.  It says "The client side driver directory could not be cleaned out..."  After I dismissed it, everything seemed to run OK.  Is this a problem?  How can I get the dialog to not appear?


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It means the client service isn't running. YOu may have disabled it or something. Check the service settings and make sure its set to start automatically then restart the machine and see if that goes away. It should. Not having that can leave you running old client side driver code that's out of date with the rest of the system and that would be bad.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
The CQC client service is running, and set to automatic.

What now?

OK, I restarted, and got no error message.  Maybe a fluke.


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