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Ethernet Relay Controller
Hoping someone can help me on this search.

Older home with 240v baseboard heating.

Existing options are very very limited to just Z-wave (StelPro), Mysa (cloud based wifi), NuHeat (cloud based wifi). 

I have the StelPro and they are ok.... not great and far too chatty and I'm looking to eliminate a "need" for z-wave in the environment. 

I have a NuHeat Signature which works great (developed a ISY integration) but it's wifi and cloud based api.  They won't give me the local api access info.

Is anyone aware of a 8 way 240v 20amp (or higher) relay controller preferably ethernet?  I could wire the baseboards at the panel with the relay switch and then use external temp sensors in the rooms for controlling the on/off of the relays.
All over google.

For those relays that are RS-232 you can connect them to a Global Cache GC-100 or Global Cache iTach
(01-02-2020, 07:57 PM)gReatAutomation Wrote: All over google.

For those relays that are RS-232 you can connect them to a Global Cache GC-100 or Global Cache iTach

And why didn't I think of google??? OH because I spent a couple of hours and found one supplier that fit the bill and I need to find a dealer to get a quote for it.  So I'm waiting for that.

Here's what I found that fits the requirement if you ever need it.

It's hard to find a relay controller for 20-30 Amp relays at 240V .... not a whole lot of those around.  I found several "high volt" at 120V at 20-30 amp but not 240V.
Some folks use little PLCs. There are some drivers here on the forum for some. Those might fit the bill.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
Yeah. The guy that made “The Ark” used PLC’s.
Looking into the PLC's more and it might work. I'm no EE so I'm having to learn as I go....
I'd stay away from an 8 way 20A relay board - it will be costly and harder to find.

Go with an 8 way board with small relays and drive follower contacts (contact is a larger relay for higher power such as this).

There are ESP based boards that will then allow the use of MQTT.

You can use the Click PLC which I highly recommend. Ladder logic is not hard and the driver works well with CQC (needs updating to Ethernet now though).

Look at the Sonoff 4Ch relays - not a form factor i like but flashed with Tasmota will give you MQTT and Alexa support - just use two of them.

This is an easy problem to overcome - it jut comes down to how you want it to look in the end and are there any want's outside of the basic requirements that will influence the selection of the product (e.g. din rail mounted to fit with circuit breakers)

Hit me up if you want any more help

You could even use your alarm system (e.g. ELK) with this method as well.

With enough skill you can have manual control should CQC not be able to control everything so that you
Mykel Koblenz
Illawarra Smart Home
I'll have to come back to this soon and I may pick your brain more Smile

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