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Common standard for Smart Home devices???
(12-20-2019, 09:35 AM)Deane Johnson Wrote: Are you suggesting a different router would most likely perform better?

What you have is fine for Wifi but I would not be using it as an all-in-one device (router/firewall/DNS/DHCP/Wifi) for your home network, especially if you are paying for 1 Gig service and have all of that stuff hanging off of it.
I have my setup like this...
My internet providers modem connecting to a Linksys (1 gig)router/wifi as a bridge for my VPN, and this runs to a Cisco business switch (1 gig)which runs to my NAS. My other devices all run off the Linksys router with wifi...if I want VPN. i also have a Cisco wifi (1 gig) that is also hooked up to the internet providers modem, and that is used for our solar panels, and for any guests that want to use wifi while visiting. Our internet provider is only giving us DSL 10Mbit currently, but they say next year we will have fiber with up to a 200Mbit speed. Not sure where to go from here for the network.
tia, Ron

My HT equipment I want to control by CQC (some day hopefully)
Yamaha CX-A5100, Dune HD pro 4k, Dune HD Pro 4k plus, ISY 994i, LG 86" 4k FP, and a projector in the future
I have an even worse setup.  I used to have Comcast and average between 50-70 MBPS, but for a lot of different reasons, mainly cost, I switched to AT&T Fiber, but signed up for their 10 MBS service - $20 per month (which is a consistent 7.5 MBS when tested).  I could of upgraded to 1 GBS service, but I liked the $20 per month (theoretically guaranteed for life  Wink  ) and haven't noticed any decrease in what I want to do with home automation or internet / video streaming.  The setup is:

AT&T Pace 5826ac -> Netgear WNDR4300v2 -> to 4 un-managed Netgear switches throughout the house. I have two additional WIFI access points in other areas of the house away from the main router.

About the only thing I miss on speed is computer downloads, but 1080p content downloads fine from DirecTV and Roku, and really don't have an issue with just two people in the house and rarely (if ever) are we streaming /downloading at the same time.
(12-19-2019, 04:25 PM)Deane Johnson Wrote: It's my understanding that loading up the home network slows it down dramatically.  I think mine does.

I have Century Link's 1 Gig service.  My LAN connected PCs measure about 450 MPS, but the CL Tech dude measured 950 MPS coming out of their modem (or whatever it's called).  There are lots of other things connected to the LAN in addition to 3 PCs.  Plenty of Wi-Fi also.  My Router is a Netgear R8000.


tldr; We have Spectrum gigabit service to the house which in practice can reach around 940 with overhead. I get between 850 - 940mb at the computer and 40 - 55mb outbound consistently. If the tech guy is measuring 950 at the modem then you have constraints elsewhere in your network. I stopped using consumer router / firewall / wifi access point hardware years ago.  I got tired of upgrading the hardware every 18ish months to keep up with increased internet bandwidth availability and demands from my home network and constantly experiencing network slowness. 

I now run all Ubiquiti hardware. To future proof I recently upgraded to a EdgeRouter 12P and to 2 separate Ubiquiti WiFi APs. Started out with an AC-Pro AP which covered the house great and provided good throughput. I ended up with a dead spot right where my driveway is which caused morning rage due to being connected to the WiFi, kinda, but data did not flow and trying to use Waze for my morning commute. To fix this and to upgrade my home WiFi experience I upgraded to a Ubiquiti Nano HD which resulted in nearly a 25% increase in WiFi throughput. Moved the AC Pro out to the garage to solve the driveway connectivity. End of the Waze rage. 

Multiple Ubiquiti gigabit Ethernet switches are located throughout the house. I've recently installed 2 8 port POE switches for the APs and security cameras. Having been on the receiving end of multiple indirect lightning strikes I ended up installing a fiber switch at the router location when I upgraded to the 12P and home running all of the switches throughout the house using fiber. Fiber has gotten very inexpensive. I also ended up installing a copper to fiber converter to provide an isolated interconnect between the cable modem to the router and placed the cable modem at the point of entry into the house.

We stream multiple 4k streams without a glitch or any kind of pre-buffering.  All media streaming devices (multiple Roku) with exception of some v1 Chromecast are hardwired as are the TVs, Sonos speakers, etc.

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