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Current state of using CQC on a tablet? Is it able to fully replicate desktop interfa
What is the current state of using CQC on a tablet? Is it able to fully replicate the feel of the desktop program? I am planning a project and need to figure out what type of screens I need to plan for. If they need to be windows based or they can be Rasberry/android.

Thank you
For Android and iPad you have to run WebRIVA which has its pros and cons. For mobile access I have to use WebRIVA which is sufficient for mobile access and functionality.

I myself am dumping my home iPad interface in favor of Surface Go running native CQC non-master install which will allow me to run Interface Viewer and all the functionality that comes with it.

Another advantage of using the Surface Go os that you can fully utilize the devices camera and speaker in conjunction with the Interface Viewer.
My issue with the Surface go, is that is has a battery, and I am a bit uncomfortable putting that in the wall.

Thank you
THere are planty of other window tablets available if the GO is not to your liking.

I would agree that for an in-wall install you would want the full feature set of the IV.

The other option is a tiny PC with a touchscreen for inwall. no battery, just a power suppply
Mykel Koblenz
Illawarra Smart Home

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