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Global Cache GC-100 - How to add IR Code???
I use IR for one component only, my Marantz AV7005 AV Pre-Tuner.  The interface between CQC and the AV7005 is the Global Cache GC-100.  The output of the GC-100 is plugged directly into the AV7005, so there is no emitter involved.  It appears the GC-100 is fed from the CQC server via LAN.

The lash-up from CGC to the AV7005 is so reliable that I've never touched it since it was installed over a decade ago.  Now, I want to add an additional command code so I can plug an Amazon Fire TV thingy into one of the AV7005 HDMI inputs.  Nothing complicated here.  I use a GC-IRL IR receiver to learn the codes from the remote.

At age 84 I can't remember anything about how to add an additional piece of IR code for CQC to use as an Action in CQC.

One thing that may not be working correct.  I had the GC-IRL plugged into the serial port on the GC-100 using the proper adapter, but iLearn won't recognize it's existence plugged in there.  I'm almost sure it used to.  I have been able to plug the GC-IRL into a serial port on my CQC server and it works OK there, with iLearn learning a code from the remote.  However, I then need to figure out how to get it to a location that CQC can be happy with it and add it to the list of available Actions for the AV7005.  Since the GC-IRL and adapter work OK direct into my server, that should indicate they are each good to go.

First of all, are the IR codes resident in CQC or are they stored in the GC-100?  If they're stored in CQC, is the only purpose the GC-100 serves is to convert the digital to an IR stream? If they're in the GC-100 how do I get them there?  How does CQC know they are there?  If they're in CQC, how do I get them there?

My CQC version is 5.2.1

Sorry to be so basic here, but my mind is a complete blank on how this lash-up works and Global Cache's instructions are of no help.  They're written for knowledgeable technical people.

I'm wondering if anyone on here uses the GC-100 and can get me started in the right direction.  As you can tell, my technical level is in the lower area of the knowledge level chart.  I don't know, maybe I'm not even listed. Smile

The easiest way would be to just train them in. But you'll have to get the GC IRL device in order to train in GC compatible codes. It's just a little dongle that connects to a serial port. You load up a driver for it and it lets you learn GC-100 codes and save them as CQC IR Models. Once you save one, it will become available to load in the GC-100 driver, which can then blast the commands.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
I have the GC dongle and it connected to a serial port on my CQC and it read a code from the remote OK. Here it is:


What I don't know is how to get it into the GC-100 driver.
You need to learn in all the commands you want, then save the IR model. Once you do that, you can then go to the GC-100 driver and do a load operation and you'll see it available to load.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
If I'm understanding your post correct, I can't add just one command to the list that's already installed.  I have to relearn all that I want and reload them.  Is that correct?
So you already have an IR model for that guy in the GC-100? If so, just open that same IR model in the learner driver and add the one new command and save it, then reload it in the GC-100. That should work as a far as I know. They both see the same files.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
I use the Pronto codes that are published to do what you want to do.  Usually will have a list, and I did a quick look at and I didn't see your model, but they had 181 models available, and some of these might work for you.  If not, you may be able to google it or go to the Marantz/Denon website to find them.  Once you get the pronto code, you create the model in the Client Interface, then go to Edit, and you can cut and pasted the pronto code in the box, and it will use that to blast out the IR code.  It has worked for me on all of my devices - Vizio, Sony, LG, and Samsung.
Thanks for your post kblagron. That reminded me that Marantz posts the IR codes for all of their equipment on line. I copied the code from their list and after hacking around a bit, got it to working. Seems to be very stable and good to go now.

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