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Lutron RadioRA2 Driver and Lutron Visor Control
Hey Dean. Checking to see if the Lutron RadioRA2 driver will support the Lutron Visor Control (RR-VCRX-WH) which integrates with the RadioRA2 Main Repeater.

In my case (LiftMaster 8550) I can use the Universal Interface Module in conjunction with the Visor Control unit and existing contact closure to monitor/open/close garage door.

I ask because the current RadioRA2 driver only shows lighting, motion, and thermostat.

[Image: Screen-Shot-2019-09-24-at-15-45-31.jpg]
Those are the V2 device classes it supports. V2 device classes don't cover everything. Driver can have non-V2 fields as well. I don't know how the visor control shows up to the driver, so it may or may not, depending on how it's reported. If not, some extra stuff would have to be added to the driver to deal with that.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
Here is the protocol for RadioRA2. The Visor Control starts on document page 135 (PDF page 139). Happy to give you access to mine remotely to assist with providing support for CQC integration.

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