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Possible Bug with Triggered Events
Hey Dean. Wanted to let you know that there may be a bug in Triggered Events. Specifically, changes to these are not taking unless I save the event, then cycle both CQC services. Was banging my head against the wall trying to find out why some of the triggered events that I am coding were not working so I started putting in System::LogMsg() during the start, middle, and end of the triggers I was developing, and was making various changes to see if the changes would stick. I would save them the test them and I was not seeing the log messages or my changes.

I cycled the CQC services and ran the same tests and the log messages started showing up in the logs and my changes were showing up as well.
Confirmed again. Just make some changes to the triggered event I have been working on. The original had some System::LogMsg() messages. I removed those messages, saved the event, and ran it. The log messages that I removed were still showing up in the logs.

I cycled the CQC services and they are not showing up and the triggered event is working per the changes I made.
Oh, dang. There is such a problem, introduced a few drops back when I made the changes required to get all of the tabs to clear their 'changes' indicator when you do Save All, not just the first one. I fixed it a few days ago and completely forgot about it, so it didn't ring a bell when you mentioned that changes didn't seem to be getting saved yesterday. But yeh, they weren't for events because of the above 'fix'.

When I made the 'I have changes' flag get cleared early enough in the save process to make all the tabs clear, by the time the event editor tab got back from that, it thought it had no changes. They were stored to the Master Server already, but he didn't think he had any changes to push out to the Event Server. So that's why they show up after a restart, because the MS has them, and on a restart the event server will pick them up.

So, anyhoo, that will be fixed in the next drop since it's already taken care of. Sorry I didn't remember that.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
Great thanks! Was driving me crazy trying to figure it out.

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