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Beware of Latest Windows 10 Update
Linux is no panacea. It's one set of things vs another set of things. With Windows everything we need is basically there in the OS. You don't have to go find 25 libraries of the correct version and get them installed and all the things they depend on and all that (and it could easily be that many possibly.) Linux is much more bare bones out of the box so you end up doing a lot more work to get it configured with what the application needs, and it's not always obvious because there are many variations of Linux.

I am working currently on getting my CIDLib layer supporting Linux. I've done a good bit of work already, but it's unquantifiable how much is left. Once that's done then CQC will (mostly) come along for the ride since it's written almost completely in terms of CIDLib's API (which is not platform specific.)

It wouldn't be a deal of dropping Windows, it would just mean being able to have the back-end supported on Linux, though it's possible some of the stuff just won't be available on Linux, I'm not sure.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum

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