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Serialization of CQC SMS Serial Interface Driver
Oh, wait, this is all meaningless. I wasn't thinking straight. You write to the field. The driver does a call right there and sends the message. It doesn't return until the message it sent. So there's no point in having a busy field in this sort of scheme. You won't come back from the field write until the message is sent. A busy field would only be useful in an async/queued type of scheme. So that was sort of a brain failure on my part.

So that must mean that either the time limit isn't in the actual sending of the message, but some inter-message limit imposed by the target service, which we'd have to know in order to deal with. Or, there's something else that has to be done to wait for the message to be sent completely, which I have no idea about.

If you look in the logs, are seeing errors from the driver about trying to send messages? I.e. is the send to the SMS server failing because it's timing out, or is the send working, but the SMS server is maybe rejecting it in a way that we aren't seeing.

It would be worth setting up a simple button on a test template to do a send of two messages in a row. Flush the logs, hit the button, and see what happens both do you get an error back, and does anything show up in the logs. That would help us know where to look to move forward.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum

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