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Serialization of CQC SMS Serial Interface Driver
Is it possible to look in to serializing the SMS driver? Specifically, you cannot throw multiple SendMessage commands at the driver and have it process them.

Because of the way GSM modems work using AT commands you have to wait for the command to process before sending it another command.

Would be nice if in the CQC driver, the SMS SendCommand commands were serialized, objects then stored in the CQC database as a BLOB (or whatever is used), and then processed.

If I have a scheduled action that send an SMS message to more than one phone I currently have to put a System.Pause(5000) in between the sending of the SMS message. If a triggered event happens to run at the same time, one of the SMS messages will get dropped on the floor.

If not serializing the command/driver, perhaps adding a "Ready" boolean variable to the driver so that we could at least check that before issuing new SendCommand commands.

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Serialization of CQC SMS Serial Interface Driver - by gReatAutomation - 08-21-2019, 07:14 PM

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