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LogicServer Elapsed Time and Triggered Event
I have a field set up in my Logic Server, elaspedTimeOpen that is set to send a trigger if a sensor is open IsGtThanEq 5 seconds and is Unlatched. This timer starts when the sensor is opened and resets when sensor closes.

In my Triggered Events, I am using Is New Fld Value for that same sensor with a Comp Value of 5 seconds.

For some reason, I cannot get the darn thing to trigger.
You definitely need it to be latched because, if it ever does start working, it's going to be blasting triggers constantly. Anything like that that is constantly changing you need to use a latching scheme.

The first thing to do is to make sure it's sending a trigger. So in the AI, open the System section and in there is a Monitor I think, and in there you can choose to monitor triggers. It'll give you an admin prompt most likely because it has to open up the trigger port.

Do what you think is needed to make the trigger happen and see if it shows up. If not, the issue is in generating the trigger, else it's on the event config side, and we can then look one way or another.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
Odd, so I checked the monitor and am seeing my motions setting off triggers even though I have no triggers assigned to any of them.

[Image: Screen-Shot-2019-08-16-at-21-31-50.jpg]
I need to again read up on latching, unlatching, uni- and bi-directional. If you have some example scenarios that would be helpful, coming from the oracle of CQC and all Smile
There are standard triggers that are always sent out. YOu only use the field triggers when you want to react to fields that are not covered by the standard triggers.

Always use the standard ones where they are available. Some folks make the mistake of adding field triggers to fields that already are sending out triggers anyway. The other good reason for using the standard ones is that the triggered event filters have built in filter types for those standard triggers.

The reason to use latching in the case of a field that is constantly changing is that otherwise it will send out a trigger every time it changes, and it's changing rapidly can always. So timer type fields are constantly counting up and would cause a barrage of triggers, and if you are reacting to those it will cause a pileup of triggers that will all try to run at once.

In the case of what you are looking for it should be a one way latch, so that it will send out the trigger once when the value of the field crosses the five second mark. Then it won't send it again until the value falls below five seconds and then goes back up over it again (in this case when you reset it to zero and let it start counting again.) That way you will only get your event triggered once when the time is exceeded.

Otherwise you will likely bring your system to its knees by constantly running that action. If you are uncertain about how often an event is running, check the box that makes the system log when it starts and stops and watch the log monitor to make sure it only fires when you want it to. Leave it that way for a while and come back and check. If it's looking right, then turn the logging back off.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
Thank you.....

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