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Insteon V2 Driver Question
After reading another post about the Bond Fan control, I decided to see if Insteon had added any better options for fan support - unfortunately they haven't.  I decided to delve into a Z-Wave Fan Control switch since my ISY-994i supports Z-wave.  I purchased a GE Z-Wave Fan Control Switch and installed.  It was easy to set up with the Insteon Admin Console, and can be controlled without issue there.  Best part was it was only $46, and fits where the previous fan control switch was.

I am still on the Insteon V1 driver, and the fan shows up there but with a few issues - once it is on, it can be controlled (Off/Dimmer Status) without issue.  However, if you turn it off and try to turn it back on, it rejects the request.  You can turn it on through the Insteon Admin Console and then control it again through the driver.  

I could dig through the CML code and try to figure it out, but thought I would look at the V2 supported driver since the Insteon V1 it is old and Wuench apparently has moved on.  However the fan doesn't show up there like it does in V1.  Any thoughts on why it shows up in the Insteon Admin Console, and in V1, but does not show up in V2.  In the V1 driver, it shows up like a Dimmer switch (_Status to control percentage, and _Switch to control off/on).
I got the V1 driver working by making a scene with the Fan device in it, and using the Scene commands to turn it on/off and adjust speed - but would like to eventually move to the V2 driver since V1 is not supported anymore.

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