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BOND Ceiling Fan Control
Does anyone have experience with this product for controlling their fans? I have four outdoor patio fans of the same brand that are connected to a single ZWave switch. I've used a purchased RF remote control from the same brand (it has DIP switches) to ensure that the fans are all on the same speed and all have the light turned on in each fan.

When I want to turn the fans on, I can do so with the single ZWave switch. While this works for now, I would really like to control speed, lighting, and fan direction for each fan from a CQC interface or scene.

To do this, I would need a RF to wifi/network controller that can integrate with CQC.

BOND currently supports IFTTT and works with Alexa and Google Home, as well as has an iOS and Andriod app.
Here it is. A simply local HTTP API.
I use the Bond to control my Kitchen fan via Google Assistant and IFTTT widgets on my Android phone. I posted a request to Dean back on 3/31 on this thread...
I would be interested as well - I have Insteon now, and have been considering their FanLinc for years, but have never pulled the trigger, because I didn't like the way you had to install it along with the price.

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