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Windows 10 Tablet
OK, not 21" for a super-low price. I was just saying you can get a large touch screen if you want. But they aren't super-expensive these days. I just saw an ASUS 21" 1080P touch screen monitor for $200. And a Planar 24" for $218.

It's nice to have something you can see status info on from a bit of a distance, it seems to me.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
I agree totally, just going that size with touch wont compete with price on a cheap tablet. And your prices are so much cheaper than ours here.

I have been seeing a lot of vertical 16:9 screens around and I think I like the format that I want to try it at home with a larger touchscreen. Vertical somehow seems to make sense - but I have not yet tried it to confirm that feeling.

I fond the biggest issue is mounting - how flush to the wall do you want it. An AiO will typically sit out a bit more due to the extra depth to hold everything.

Again, an AiO is just a large tablet and is faced with the same issues. A failure of one thing means the whole lot may need to be replaced. A cheap SSF PC with a separate touch screen means that if the PC fails, just find another cheap one. Monitors tend to out live PC's by a long way (My work monitors are on there fourth PC - that's about 12 years of service)

One option I was contemplating was a laptop that could flip over so the screen was only visible with the keyboard facing the wall. Mounting would be tricky, but you should be able to find something in the order of 17".

Dell used to do some cheap AiO's, and they were quite pleasing to the eye. Thin bezel and relatively flat with vesa mounting on the back and ports that were not on the edge (for hiding the cables).
Mykel Koblenz
Illawarra Smart Home

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