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WebRIVA and Cameras on iOS
Anyone having issues getting WebRIVA to show the cameras on iOS (iPad, etc.). I've got a test interface working with all of my cameras showing and can see them when I view the interface on the CQC server itself. When I load WebRIVA from an iPad, the areas where the cameras should be are blank.
There's no way to do cameras on the WebRIVA clients, at least not in any normal way. The way WebRIVA works would make that impossible.

There is an 'extension mechanism' that you can use to wedge stuff of your own in in some cases. Bryan worked out out how to use it with an iframe I guess it was, and I asked him to post how he did but he never did so.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
Thanks. I had forgotten about that
My method uses a Raspberry pi running a software package called MotionEye. The MotionEye software can take the RTSP stream from multiple IP cameras and convert, transcode, whatever the right term would be, into an HTTP stream that can be viewed on an iPad. Then with Dean's help, I create a new version of the WebRIVA Web Camera widget that will display the stream on an iPad. So it is a two part solution. But it works for me. 

I think you said you were considering using Windows tablets. For the current CQC Interface Viewer, that's the most straight forward way to go. You can use the native Windows IV client and it supports all of Dean's standard widgets, including the WebCamera widget and that will display the RTSP stream directly.

It's not really a web cam widget, it's an iFrame I think, which which you use the extension mechanism to set the URL (which is set to the WebRIVA client.)
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
Dean, thanks for the clarification. GreatAutomation and I had emailed about the IP Camera stuff a couple of months ago. So today, we have been back in communication.

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