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The HA use cases that are still used heavily in my house
Just realized i'm approaching (14?) years of CQC and home automation. Life is busy so I don't have a chance to come here as often as I used to, plus probably 30% of my stuff-under-control went EOL (garden moisture sensors, for example). But much remains. We stayed in an AirBNB in Hawaii a few weeks ago, the lack of HA killed us. 

Here's what the whole family still relies upon. System does far more, but the rest isn't used as often.
1) Scheduled lighting (sunrise, sunset, midnight), with a phone UI to select which lights are in which event.
2) CQC texts us if the driveway gate or patio gate are ever opened (we live in a city)
3) Tasker tells CQC to turn up heat if we're approaching the house, nobody home, and temp low
4) Phone modification of irrigation timings using a CQC screen(I seriously hated my old rainbird controller, so damn confusing)
5) CQC Manages vacation mode. I have a "vacation mode" checkbox widget on an admin screen. Going away for a weekend/week doesn't need setting up lights on timers, we just turn that on. It does both lights and a hyperactive text if any of a variety of things happen outside the house that shouldn't be. (won't post here for privacy reasons)
6) Elk keypad buttons tell CQC to do stuff (ie, F5 turns zWave lights on).
7) CQC texts and emails me whenever the Elk is armed/disarmed with the username of who did it
8) Using $1 light switches hooked up to random Elk zones to tell CQC to do stuff (ie turn a series of zWave lights)
9) When no motion in a given room for <x> minutes, CQC turns off that room. <X> is different per room and configurable through a CQC UI.

What I wish was working, but not enough to skip soccer or work stuff to get it up again
1) voice control of devices (ie use Alexa to perform actions. I haven't gotten CQC Voice working yet)
2) Voice Response of device or other status (ie use Alexa to get status from CQC, what doors/windows are open, temperature outside)

I still want to get CQC Voice working at some point so I can yank the Echoes, we use them only for weather, timers (in the kitchen), and playing music. It doesn't seem to be a 1-3 hour thing so I'll dig into it at some point.

If automated Roman Shades weren't $600/window for decent ones I'd get that, but the cheaper ones won't handle the heavier fabric my wife wants to use.

What didn't survive
1) Anything audio related. Native Sonos/Spotify app for music. 
2) Controlling video devices. Harmony One for video (can't beat tactile control, no need to look at the remote to turn vol up/down or move selection right/left/up/down)
3) Managing a/v libraries. For audio, Spotify rocks. For ripped video, we just use plex.
Some of my devices: Sonos, Aeotec zWave, Nest, Rain8Net, Various H/T
What's next: CQC-Voice, Brultech GEM
My vlogs:

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