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Documentation for TimedFldChange2
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you had mentioned the CML command TimedFldChange2, but I could not find it in the CML documentation. It is apparently available, and I did figure out it takes 4 strings, and 2 cards, but can't figure out what exactly each of the inputs are.  Did I miss it somewhere?

This may not even be what I am needing - I am looking for a command within CML to wait 10 to 15 seconds before it executes the next command.  (i.e. TV powers up, and then switch to different input).  Similar to the Wait or Pause command within the Actions.
Oh, it must not have gotten documented. I'll add that to the list. That takes both minutes and seconds. So it has an extra final value that is the seconds. That way, you can set 0 minutes and get sub-minute support, though it's not going to work with really short times, since it just doesn't work that way, and the driver base class won't accept anything less than 10 seconds. But you can at least do sub-minute times.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
Is there another way to pause a certain number of seconds before executing the next command?

I am working on the Native Alexa interface, and i need to do the following within a Macro - Turn on TV, (Wait about 10 seconds for it to come on), Switch Input to the Tuner, Change Channels to 65 (Usually have to wait about 500 ms between those number entries).  I have 4 TV's I am controlling - one is a one way Samsung driver, the other 3 are controlled via IR using the Global Cache.  It is not a problem in an Action - Just use Wait or Pause, and set up the proper time between, and it works.  Just not sure the best way in a Macro.

The field I need to write to first is Samsung.Power (to True), then wait 10 seconds, then write to SamSung. Input (to TV). So I don't see how TimedFldChange2() would help.
Just do the same and use the Sleep method, which is on the Time class.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
Thanks - that is what I was looking for, unfortunately, putting that long of a sleep command in the Macro makes Alexa think the device is not responding, and letting you know as much verbally, even though the commands executes as planned - so going to a plan "B".  User must first turn on the TV using Alexa, then issue another command to switch the input.  This might be a case to use the CQC Echo integration as it doesn't care about the wait time.

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