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Purchased this WHDTS SIM800C GSM module to try out with the CQC SMS driver. I've compiled links and other stuff from the Amazon and the web that may be useful when using this module. The module also as a BlueTooth chip.

While I like the ability to send email alerts and can email an SMS to my phone (e.g., I want something more reliable and fast. You'll need an active SIM card for this unit to work.

  1. Plug in unit
  2. Install CH340 driver (if required)
  3. Install Termite
  4. Run Termite
[Image: Screen-Shot-2019-06-18-at-09-03-18.jpg]

  1. Configure baud rate to 9600
  2. Change COM port to which ever COM port into which the unit is installed
  3. Plugins are available at bottom right. Double click a plugin to configure
Note: If you want to run Termite after you install the CQC SMS driver, you have to stop both the App Shell Service and the Client Service, otherwise you will receive an error in Termite

[Image: Screen-Shot-2019-06-19-at-16-51-12.jpg]
Here is a good pay as you go SIM for use with this device:

$5 bucks for 30 days (100MIN 100SMS 100MB DATA) and you can set to auto renew or to renew when you exceed the usage (100MIN 100SMS 100MB DATA).
After you receive your SIM card you will need to set the APN of your provider via Termite using AT commands. Most usernames and passwords are blank, hence the reason for the double quotes


You'll also have to set up some other things with the unit. Plenty of info on Google and here is a good resource:

Remember to use the AT command to save your settings!!
Some good commands reference here as well.

All commands are, however, in the PDFs but some of the Internet sites do a better job explaining them.
So I've tested this thing and I can send a message from CQC to my personal phone with the device, and I can respond to the message and have that displayed. As Dean mentions in the documentation, you have to prefix your message with +M:

So, if I want to send CQC an SMS message from my cell phone saying hello I would send the following from my phone:


This has a lot of potential as it gives you the ability to interact with CQC and your home via SMS and not relying on an Internet connection to your home. Also the obvious SMS alerting capabilities.

To send commands from your phone you would use this context:

One of the things I plan on doing with this functionality is getting rid of the cloud based Liftmaster/Chamberlain myQ for my garage door opener using my MIMOlite Module. I'll get an SMS when garage door is opened or closed. Currently I have to have the myQ app installed on my house iPad and my iPhone and have to configure the alerting for the account. Since it's cloud based, if home Internet is down, you dont get an alert.

I'll also be integrating with my home alarm system (Vista 20P with Tuxedo Touch). The Tuxedo allows the ability to send emails but it's buggy and is not always timely.
have you tried the driver by rhamer (old driver now). he wrote that to work with a modem thus it uses AT commands to do everything.
Mykel Koblenz
Illawarra Smart Home
(06-20-2019, 06:37 PM)znelbok Wrote: have you tried the driver by rhamer (old driver now).  he wrote that to work with a modem thus it uses AT commands to do everything.

Interesting. I have not tried that driver. The CQC SMS driver works seamlessly with the WHDTS SIM800C GSM Module however it is limited to SMS only. The module can make and receive phone calls, send/receive MMS, send/receive SMS, as well as has BlueTooth capability. It would be interesting to tinker with some of this functionality and CQC.

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