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GE Z-Wave Outdoor Switch / Garage Door / Alarm
GE Z-Wave Plus Outdoor Weather-Resistant Switch (14284)

Wanted to post this nice outdoor/wet rated device. I currently have my garage door power plug connected to it. The GE Z-Wave device is - at the moment until I get my alarm panel connected to CQC -‚Ē¨√°associated with my alarm panel (Honeywell Tuxedo Touch). When I arm my alarm (Night), my alarm panel (Z-Wave) turns off the GE device, thereby turning off the power to my garage door opener. I only care about Night mode on my alarm because if any door or window is opened the alarm will go off instantly.

When I disarm my alarm, the power to the GE device is turned back on thereby turning on my garage door.

I was having issues with phantom operation and, after solving those issues, I thought it would be a good idea to simply turn off the garage door when the alarm is on. No reason whatsoever to have the garage door opener powered on. If someone managed to open the garage door with the alarm on, the alarm contact would open and set off the alarm.

I also use a MIMOLite with a garage door alarm contact connected to a spare garage door opener so I can absolve myself of the myQ cloud based garage door system. I'll post this in another thread.

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