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Files of type "Logic Server config" cannot be edited
My Logic Server driver has been red for a while. If I try to edit the LogicSrv configuration, I get a pop-up with the message 'Files of type "Logic Server config" cannot be edited'.

I have tried reconfiguring the Logic Server, deleting and adding it, adding with a different name, but the error persists.

It may be a problem with permissions on a configuration file, but I don't know where to find the file.

There are no informative‚Ē¨√°messages in the logs, just "Driver 'LogicServer' is trying to get its comm resource".
That probably means that the logic server isn't configured to run? Check that CQLogicSrv.exe is running on the MS first. If not, then run the installer and enable it. If it is, then we need to dig deeper.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
Your diagnosis is correct. The Logic Server component was no longer installed on the server.

I had recently reviewed the installed components and removed the RIVA bits. I hadn't changed the configuration in a long time. I must have managed to uninstall the logic server at that time.

I reinstalled, and now it is working correctly.

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