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Hue Lighting Control
I'm in the process of moving to LED and have made a significant investment in HUE.  So far my review is mixed.  The lights are nice and I like the ability to have color, but Phillips app and control is a bit lacking.  

Now trying to integrate with CQC and interested in best practices for control from CQC.  Some initial questions I have are:

1.  In CQC do you have to control everything by individual light, or is there a way to combine for group control?
2.  How many devices do you run on a single hub?
3.  How are you controlling lights across multiple hubs if/when not doing so through CQC?  The Phillips app requires you to switch the hub connection before you can control the associated lights.   
4.  In CQC I see a field for scene that is R/W, but not sure how you would control a scene without a group or room.  Says it is enumerated with the default hue scenes, but how do you make use of this?
5.  Does the CQC driver support motion sensors and switches?  Does not appear to.
6.  Any other advice or thoughts from users who have experience with the Hue system and integration to CQC?

Sorry if this has already been discussed.  I didn't see any recent threads.
I think that the reason we didn't add motion sensors is because of the horrible way the Hue API is implemented. It's a strict REST API, so it's purely polled. And every poll gets everything, and there's a lot of info associated with each device. So, in order to get any sort of quick response to a motion sensor change, we'd have to hit it a few times a second, and it's pulling over the entire database of device info every time.

It's a completely stupid API and they couldn't have possibly done any research before creating it. We would completely overwhelm the device once you started getting any significant number of devices on it. It's bad enough just for lights and taps. We have to poll just to see taps.

I guess the argument could be made that we are pulling over everything anyway, why not make use of it. But I'm not sure it's really viable to load it up and try to use it with an automation system that needs low latency responses to changes. I know some other folks started having problems with it seeming to max out.

I complained about this really bad design years ago, but nothing has been done to fix it to my knowledge. It wouldn't be hard to do.

For the scenes, you just write the scene name to the field to set that scene. It gets those names from the list of scenes configured in the Hue.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
Hi Dean,

Thanks for the quick response.  Okay, I quickly just tried some tests with the scenes to see how that might work and getting some odd behavior.

Since everything is setup by rooms, I cleared all scenes from one room and created a test scene that just turns on (green) for that room.  I named the scene CQC and then restarted the driver to force a refresh on the enumerated list.  I could then write "CQC" to the scene field, but this resulted in every light turning on.  It also did not result in the test room lights turning green.  I believe every light in the house went to it's last on value.

I'm not sure how this is supposed to work.  For a moment I thought you could have multiple rooms setup with the same scene name and it would set each room accordingly.   I'm assuming CQC is just sending the scene name to the hub, and letting the hub do the work, correct?
It is just sending the scene name to the hum. I don't know about multiple rooms with the same scene name and what that implies via the control protocol. I added this at the request of some other folks, so maybe they'll see this and respond as to how it works for them.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
I'm back on this again. Heavily invested in Hue lighting now and looking for the best way to control scenes. Anyone using Hue lighting that can share more on how they are using CQC to control on a larger scale (50+ lights)?

The HUE lights are great, but I think my 9yo could write better software.
The interface is horrible for an automation system. Like most folks these days they probably never thought beyond a simple phone app. Having to poll that many lights, when all of the info about the lights comes back on every poll, it gets pretty bad. Of course from CQC's point of view, it would be perfectly happy talking to two Hues on separate driver instances or some such. But what that does to you in terms of direct interaction with it probably wouldn't be optimal.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
I have extra hubs because it was cheaper to buy the lights as starter packs, hub included. I could reduce the number of light per hub that way. The problem is that currently the only way I see to set a scene is to do it at the individual light level.

May just remove the concept of rooms and program all the lights on a hub in the same room, then maybe scenes will work with the driver. I've tried with multiple rooms setup in the HUE app and it acts pretty flaky. Originally thought you could use the scene name on multiple rooms and they would all work when sent via CQC, but that failed, at least for me.
Okay, I setup a new hub and put some lights on it.  Then deleted all the scenes and created a single new one.  When I refresh the driver and click on the SCNE#Current the Enum list only shows "unknown".  When I use the Hue API tool to query the same hub for the list of scenes, it returns the new scene I created.  

Can you take a look at this driver?
Also if you can implement the "groups" info that would be great.  In HUE terminology a group essentially equates to a room.  This would give an easy way to see what rooms have a light on, or to turn on an entire room without a scene being required.
Yeh, it doesn't support scenes or rooms. The problem is that the Hue interface is horrible. You have to poll it and it returns a lot of data per thing polled, and it's hard as it is to keep decent latency once you get a reasonable number of devices connected. I'm a little iffy about adding even more. People have been begging them to update the protocol to support some sort of async reporting, to avoid the massive overhead of all that polling. And it's even more stupid that just to get the current state of something you have to query all the information about it. It's just majorly stupid.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum

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